Albino Tonnina

Curriculum Vitae

Currently in Rome, working as a web developer and manager for Numidia Srl, which I co-founded in 2011.


Numidia Srl

Founder & Front end developer

Management of a small digital agency, web development, project design, management, estimating. While producing dozens of corporate websites I had the rare opportunity, in Italy, to improve my skills by experimenting a lot. I worked on Mobile Applications, designed Web service APIs and backends, developed payment gateways or E-learning solutions for several high-profile clients.

JavaScript (OO), PHP 5 (OO) and MySQL, HTML5, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, jQuery, BackBone.js, Undercore.js, Appcelerator Titanium, Grunt, Bower, Yeoman, Node.js, Lua, LESS, SASS, CSS3, SVG, Canvas, LocalStorage, advanced Open Graph, Twitter/G+ API

Linfa Srl

Web developer

Web developer and technical manager responsible for the build and operation of multiple websites and e-learning platforms. IT administration. As part of the dev-team (who then became Numidia) I had direct responsability over several projects. With time I actively took part in the decisional process, expecially for technical decisions. I worked also directly with clients like Alitalia or Polizia di Stato. I worked also on a custom made E-learning platform (not SCORM compatible) that served hundreds of students with live video broadcasting, online lessons and exams.

PHP, MySQL, Oracle basics, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, ActionScript, Scorm, various APIs, Docebo, Moodle, Custom E-learning platforms, Wordpress, Joomla.

Estrogeni Srl

Web developer

Created visual designs and developed websites, banners, e-newsletters, contests, branding. I worked for Wind, Infostrada, Eagle Pictures, BIM Distribuzione.

Wordpress, HTML5, JQuery, JavaScript, ActionScript, CSS, MySql, PHP

Egolab Srl

Web developer

Design, development and management of client websites, applications, campaigns. I was involved in several projects, developed code for high-traffic websites and web contests. Clients: Unilever, Nintendo, Peroni SPA, Algida. I also worked on a custom-made CRUD framework that we used for production.

HTML5, JQuery, JavaScript, ActionScript, CSS, MySql, PHP, CodeIgniter, Smarty.

Consorzio interuniversitario FOR.COM

Web developer

Mostly multimedia contents for the university. Scorm / As3 / PHP / MySQL. Created graphic design for websites, interactive CDs and banners.


Founder - Web Developer

First steps! Design websites from conception to production. Seven years of self-taught hard work.


Web development, User Experience and Design Thinking, Responsive web design, Custom Application Development, E-Commerce Development, CMS and Frameworks, Image Editing skills, E-learning development, Project management and estimating, Mobile Applications, Client relationship.


PHP, HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript libraries, Object Oriented Javascript, CSS3, MySQL, advanced knowledge of Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Less/SASS, ActionScript, Appcelerator Titanium, Twitter/Facebook API, RESTful web services, Web server management.


You can check my actual clients on my company website or watch this video hosted on Vimeo

Over the years I worked for:

Certifications / Education

Titanium Certified Application Developer (TCAD)

Università degli Studi di Roma Tre

Address: Cinema

Conservatory of Music (Rome, Frosinone)

Violin, Piano, Orchestra, Music theory


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Please have a look at my LinkedIn profile for a longer list.

Please visit my LinkedIn profile for a longer list.

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